Payment Processing
Without All The
Strange Fees

You're Going To Love This!

More Convenient Payment Options

Barwick Banking Company has partnered with Usio to bring you this special offer. Your business can now process payments with NO FEES. That's right! Processing fees can be passed to the cardholder as a convenience charge.  Or, you may choose our custom Flat Rate Guarantee option. Either way, you will not be charged... 

   ⟩ Transaction fees
   ⟩ Statement fees
   ⟩ Dues/Assessments
   ⟩ Batch fees
   ⟩ Qualifying fees
   ⟩ Non-qualifying fees


There's More! 

Additional Payment Solutions for
Your Business Include:

Convenience Fee or Flat Rate

Grow your business with Barwick Banking debit/credit card payment processing with a Flat Rate or the option to pass on processing fees as a convenience charge by offering your customers more payment options that will save them time and money.

Contactless Terminals

Manage your business better with all types of payment methods anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection: contactless, chip, and swipe, including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay®. 

Pay Now Button

Protect your customers with a complimentary Pay Now button on your website that is integrated with the highest level of data security available on the market, PCI Level I.

Electronic BillPay

Receive Electronic BillPay to set-up recurring billing, send branded invoices via email and streamline the entire reconciliation process with data at your fingertips.

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